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Jason Hale, MLA
Posted 12/Oct/2020

“Who is Jason Hale?” my son kept asking. “Who is Jason Hale?” It was hard to explain to an eight-year-old why this man's name was on so many campaign signs around town. Then a knock on the door. It was Jason Hale, trying to get my family's vote in the next provincial election. M...

The Looney Left
Posted 12/Oct/2020

OK, I'm a liberal. That's what an internet based quiz for political inclination told me. There were lots of questions about public education and public health care, which I am in favor of, and that supposedly makes me a liberal.

But there were absolutely no questions about a balan...

The Righteous Right
Posted 12/Oct/2020

In my early adulthood, I used to think of myself as a right-winger. Then I read an article from National Geographic about a small city in southwestern United States. The primary industry of this city was a retirement community for wealthy Americans. It was their influx of cash that kept this city...

Big Brother Database
Posted 19/Jun/2020

Last spring it became known that the Canadian government had compiled a rather extensive database about each of us 30 million Canadians. With one click of the mouse, a civil servant could find out a lot about any Canadian's taxes, health, criminal record, etc. While these databases have been...