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Donating to the TDG

If you have come to this article, I will assume that you like the TDG concept well enough to make a small donation. I’ll first say that I’m honored that you are thinking in this way.


Second, I will say that I don’t want your money.


While I do hint that my five e-books are available for sale, you may have noticed there is no send-me-some-money link on this website.


I won’t set up such a link. My main reason is that I cannot verify the source of donations. It’s not hard to foresee that few donors of nefarious character could send me some money. Later the enemies of the TDG could use this donation(s) to discredit me and the TDG. So let’s stop this problem before it happens.


Let me make it clear that I much prefer your time over your money. Consider spending 10 hours a month to working on the TDG.


If donations are still your preference for participating, you can donate like this:


1)    Go to your favorite charity.


2)   Give that charity the money you would like to give to the TDG.


3)   Tell that charity something like: “There’s this Dave fellow from Canada who has an interesting idea about improving democracy. I wanted to donate to the TDG, but Dave told me to give the money to you instead. Here it is. Here is the TDG website.”


In this way, both the TDG and the charity move forward. Two donations for the price of one!


The Early TDG Stage


Eventually average, ordinary people are going to start building their local TDG. They could use a little money to help them along. And managing this money will help them improve their skills for TDG governance.


But here are my rules for donating to a local TDG:


1)    You must personally know at least one member on the executive committee of that local TDG.


2)   That person must be a responsible and trustworthy person.


If these two conditions are not fulfilled, then give your donation to your favorite charity.


This leads to the second reason I am not asking for donations. When the TDG gets some fame, there will be dishonest people trying to make a quick buck. Because the actual TDG website is not asking for TDG donations, any other website asking for TDG donations obviously must be a scam.


Do not donate to the TDG using the internet. Giving money to con artists not only wastes your money, it discredits the TDG.


Do not donate to the TDG using the internet. Give your money to your favorite charity.


The Maturing TDG Stage


This is the second stage of TDG development.


Follow the same donating instructions as the Early Stage.




The Middle TDG Stage


As the TDG grows in numbers and capacity, it will need significant financial resources. As local TDGs merge and merge again, there will be credible institutions within this nascent movement. You can donate to these institutions. But do your research. Ask your local TDG for valid TDG websites before passing on your donation. 


PS: There is not a middle stage TDG in 2023 anywhere in the world. I expect 2027 at the earliest.


I really don’t want your money. I want your time. The world needs your time. Future generations need your time. Now!


Ten hours a month!


Article published on TDG's Blog 2023

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