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Higher Fuel Prices
Posted 12/Oct/2020

Why is it that, around the world, nothing sets citizens off into revolution more than high fuel prices? It almost seems that the evolving democracies had enshrined low fuel prices as part of their constitutions long before fuel ever existed.

Last month, we saw British truckers blockading re...

Public Sector Wages
Posted 12/Oct/2020

Recently the federal government announced it would return about $20B in funding to Canada’s health care system. Most of this is likely to go to increasing the wages of the various professionals in the health care system. Doctors in New Brunswick want more; paramedics in Calgary want more; every...

Germany Goes Non-Nuclear, Maybe
Posted 05/Sep/2020

The failure of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan has prompted the German government to accelerate plans to decommission all of its nuclear power plants by 2022. It claims to have a plan in place to replace Germany's nuclear ...

Taxes for the Rich
Posted 05/Sep/2020

A Canadian entrepreneur is moving to London, England. It seems income taxes in Canada are too high. Britain is attracting this wealthy economic class with an almost zero tax rate. Here is his story

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