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Social Engineering

Funding University Students
Posted 12/Oct/2020

A financially oppressed university graduate is going to court so she can have her right to declare bankruptcy and be free of her student loan obligations. Her contention is that the law that forbids declaring bankruptcy on student loans is in violation of the charter of rights and freedoms. She h...

Good Lessons from Smoking
Posted 12/Oct/2020

“All those in favor of the motion to ban smoking in our meetings, please raise your hand,” directed the chairman.

I had just finished my first stint as campaign worker in a provincial election. For my services, I was rewarded with a position on our local party council. The old adage abo...

Myth of Responsible Drinking
Posted 12/Oct/2020

Alcohol manufacturers have been adding small catch phrase to their ad copy: “Drink Responsibly!” What exactly is the purpose behind this phrase? To really understand the advertising psychology, we first need to understand some basic business theory.

Regardless of whatever product or ser...

Universal Welfare
Posted 05/Sep/2020

Western countries have developed a myriad of social programs to financially help citizens, most of whom are not wealthy, through various stages in their lives. Old-age pensions, unemployment insurance, workers' compensation, welfare,...