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The TDG Essay
Posted 12/Apr/2023
Dynamic Recovery Proxy
Posted 12/Oct/2020

One of the frustrating features of being an inventor of an alternative system of governance is the lack of imagination of the acknowledged thinkers of democracy. These thinkers get all sorts of attention for their ideas on electoral reform, campaign finance reform, parliamentary reform, etc. But ...

The Passing of Jack Layton
Posted 05/Sep/2020
I didn't get Jack Layton! My most vivid memory of him was a short Question Period clip early in his career as NDP leader. He chastised the Canadian government for not negotiating with Taliban to end the war in Afghanistan. I wondered: “How does a champion of women's rights envision himse...
Impedance of the American Constitution
Posted 05/Sep/2020
Americans take pride in how their 1787 constitution has shaped their country and the world. The various freedoms—speech, association, religion, and others—enshrined in the document provided a new and beneficial relationship between the citizen and its state. The capability of the citizenry ...
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